Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfectly Shredded Chicken

Maybe I'm the last one to get the memo, and maybe I'm just repeating an amazing idea that everyone already knows. I don't care. I'll still share!

I love to put shredded chicken in pita pockets. Lettuce, cheese and ranch dressing, too. It's delicious. BUT.. I hate shredding the chicken! It takes a life time. So annoying.

Then. The heavens opened and pinterest saved the day.

Perfectly shredded chicken in 20 seconds.

I popped my chicken in the slow cooker, on high, for a good 4 hrs. Left it in there on "warm" until I was ready to shred the crap out of it. Then, wham-bam. 20 seconds later, it was done. I don't actually have a Kitchenaid, but my Bosch works JUST as well with the cookie paddle attachment. So awesome!!! A surefire cure for those "chicken shredding" woes.

Here's the link to the source.


  1. good idea! Probably the reason why I never eat shredded chicken is because i think the shredding step would take forever. MMm, shredded chicken, pita pocket, good lunch idea. I get so tired of thinking of something to make for lunch

  2. Awesome. I can't wait to shred some chicken. And I have a whole bunch of pitas to use up.