Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I make this bread a couple times a month and freeze the loaves. It is an awesome recipe. So healthy and yummy!!! I got it from my sister-in-law, Louisa, who got it from Sarah's Mom and just tweaked it a bit.

I grind my own wheat, so I use more white flour than this recipe says because otherwise the bread doesn't rise very well!! I read on a package of a case of flour that I bought once that if you use 1Tbsp of lemon juice per 5 cups of flour it helps rise the bread and interacts with the gluten or something or other. Anyways, it helps make a yummy loaf!! Also, this recipe is so versatile. If you want only white bread, than just use white flour and you don't have to use red river!!

I have a convection oven so I put all 5 loaves in at the same time at 350. Enjoy!

Bread recipe for Bosch

5 cups warm water

½ cup honey

2 Tbsp yeast

­Pulse twice

6 Tbsp oil

2 Tbsp lemon juice (optional)

2 cups dry Red River Cereal (you can also use Sunny Boy cereal or sometimes I use just oats)

6 cups whole wheat flour (or 3 cups ground whole wheat flour and 3 cups white flour)

1 cup white flour

4 tsp salt

Put on medium (2) for 8 minutes

2 cups whole wheat flour (or 1 cup ground whole wheat and 1 cup white flour)

2-5 cups white flour (add until the dough pulls from the bowl sides and add ½ cup more)

Put on medium (2) for 8 minutes

Take off bosch base and place a tea towel on top

Let dough rise for 15 minutes

Punch down

Let dough rise for 15 minutes

Form loaves (5 loaves)

Let loaves rise for 1 hour

Bake at 350°C for 30 minutes


  1. made this recipe yesterday and the bread was delicious!!! David was in heaven.

  2. I sooo want a Bosch so I can start making my own bread and when I do I will try this recipe!!

  3. Here's a tip if you're making the original whole wheat recipe.

    I always found that my bread wouldn't rise as well with all the whole wheat flour, but I didn't want to add so much white flour. SO... after following the original recipe, I ended up adding 2 Tbsp of liquid Lecithin (along with the honey). It makes it rise like crazy! I found my lecithin at Superstore in the organic food section. It works like a charm! :)

    1. PS- Lecithin is suuuuper sticky and it will take forever to get it off of your TBSP measuring thing... so just eyeball it and pour it straight from the container. Trust me.

  4. Sweet, thanks noelle. Heather was telling me she uses that stuff with her buns so that they will rise quicker!