Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Cook a Large Roast

I had to make a roast for our family Christmas party, which fed about 35 people. This is an awesome way to cook your roast if you are cooking for a large crowd. (I need to post this so that I remember how to do it again next year for our Taylor Family Christmas Party).

  1. Rub meat with meat tenderizer
  2. Rub in kosher salt
  3. Mix a packet of French's Marinade with a little water and pour over roast
  4. Place in a large pan and tin foil 3 or 4 times, enough so that no steam with escape and change where the fold is.
  5. Cook at 450 for 4 hours (not frozen)
  6. Stick meat thermometer in to see if it is done. Cover the hole with a rock if you need to put the roast back in the over for longer.

And the roast comes out delicious and moist. I go this recipe from Cindy, who got this recipe from a caterer.

If have any questions while you are cooking, just post a comment or call me.

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